Re-Sellers Info


Giggle Closet will ship straight to your customer for you for FREE! No more paying outrageous shipping fees. You just put your information in the billing address and your customers in the shipping address, and we will do the rest.

****Make sure you put in your phone number and your email* Not your customers, because we send the phone number a text and an email about shipping details from gigglecloset****

We will not send your customer an invoice or anything to show their purchase came from us. Everything is normally 2 weeks delivery. With this website you will receive a tracking number and updates via text and email.  

You are now in charge of what products you want to run in your FB group or sell on your website.  ALL Kids clothes are True To Size so there are not as many size charts! YAY! All other clothes will say what you need to tell your customers to order so they get the right size, it's in the description when you click on the item under the price. Make sure you post that so you don't have angry customers. See what sizes are available and post them.

Make sure to markup the price on your post so you make a profit. The price on the website is your cost. 

ALL items in the website have plenty of stock so you can still not worry about things being sold out. Once you get a sale and your customer pays you, you can instantly go to the website and place the order, We will then process your order next business day, again you don't have to wait for us to close out the items, wait for an invoice, this puts you completely in charge of your own business.

If you have an issue join my group and PM me

At the top is a banner to apply for PayPal credit so you can buy now and pay later. It is like layaway except you get your items the same time as if you paid in full. Once approved click on the PayPal button to checkout then choose PayPal credit. There are no fees or interest as long as you pay in full in 6 months.


As always there are no refunds for items that do not fit, but always for items not received or damaged!